| | 2013-05-10

Naga Chaitanya, Sunil, Tamanna, Andrea, Asutosh Rana and others

Director - Kishore Pardasani
Producer - Bellamkonda Suresh
Banner - Sri Sai Ganesh productions
Music - SS Thaman

Naga Chaitanya's last film was Bejawada which was released almost a year and half ago. He is coming back after a long break and this time he has chosen Tamil remake of Vettai to try his luck. Did it work out?

What is it about?

Siva and Karthik (Sunil and Chaitanya) are brothers. Siva is a very timid person and he gets the police job of his father after his death. Now Siva has to handle so many thugs and he takes the help of his brother to solve his cases. However, the bad men finds out his secret and targets Siva. Now Karthik has to save his brother from them. What follows rest is the crux of this film.


Naga Chaitanya is good in this film. He has improved a lot from his previous outings Dhada and Bejawada. This time the character is believable and he is impressive. Sunil stands out with a confident performance. Sunil definitely looks like a hero now. Tamanna is as ravishing as ever. She hasn't got much to perform though. Andrea is beautiful and she did well. Asutosh Rana is very good as the main villain. Brahmanandam got a lengthy role, but didn't impress much.

Music by Thaman is pretty mediocre. None of the songs have repeat value. Background score is good in parts. Dialogues are fine. Editing could have been better especially in the latter half of the film. Cinematography is one of the major plus points. Action episodes are noteworthy. Direction by Kishore is neat. He did a very good job in keeping the film alive all the time. There are hardly any dull notes in the film. Despite a wafer thin story, the screenplay hooks you and keeps you entertained.

Tadakha is a typical commercial film where the good trumps the evil in the last minute. There is nothing new about the story. But they got the combination right. Sunil and Naga Chaitanya are good in their respective roles. There are some fine moments and impressive action episodes that works in the favor of the film.

Tadakha moves at a breathtaking pace in the first hour and it entertains you thoroughly. The pace gets bogged down a bit in the second half but it picks up in the third act. This is a paisa vasool commercial film with ample dose of entertainment. If you are okay with routine stories until the film entertains then you wont complain watching this film.

Surprisingly this film took a weak opening and is expected to pick up with the mouth talk. Tadakha is a masala potboiler which will appeal to the masses and entertainment seeking audience. Watch it.

Verdict: Tadakha - Pure popcorn entertainment