| | 2013-09-20

Sundeep Kishan, Dimple, Jagan and others

Director - R. Madan Kumar
Producer - Suresh Kondeti
Banner - Santosham Studios
Music - Gopi Sunder

Telugu cinema market has been suffering a lot due to lack of good cinema for over a period of two months. Many small films have been trying to cash in on the slump, but sadly every movie is biting dust in spite of the advantages. More than eight films released today and Mahesh is one of those. It has Sundeep Kishan playing the lead role and is a dubbed version of Tamil film Yaruda Mahesh. This is an adult comedy.

What is it about?

Shiva (Sundeep) is a careless guy who doesn't take anything seriously. His wife Sandhya (Dimple) tries to teach him a lesson and make him realize his mistakes. With a sudden jolt given by his wife Shiva's life turns upside down.


Sundeep Kishan is alright in his half baked role. He is good at comedy and carried off his role well despite bad writing. Dimple is just okay as the female lead. Comedy actor Jagan (of Veedokkade fame) provides few cheap laughs in this A rated comedy. Most of the supporting actors are not familiar to Telugu audience and they have gone over board like typical Tamil junior artists.


Mahesh is a sorry film in terms of technicalities. None of the technicians raised their hand up to save this film. Cinematography is pretty bad and so is the editing. Music is awful and we are being polite here. The film is made on a cheap budget and it is evident in every frame. Director fails in each and every department. Except for penning few adult jokes, he failed utterly as a writer and director. His bad direction reflected on the performance of everybody involved in this film.


The story never takes off until the interval episode. Until then director just passes the time by throwing in adult jokes. Scenes are badly written and characters are not developed at all. There is no establishment of characters whatsoever. Second half of the film is all the more torturous with unbearable scenes in the name of comedy. Silly excuses given to make the plot work and illogical sequences will make you run for your life.

There are some adult jokes that might appeal to certain section of audience and that is the only fetching factor for this film. Second hour fails to offer those adult jokes too and it will be an absolute pain to stay till the end. Mahesh is a badly written, badly acted, badly directed movie that doesn't have any positives either on screen or off screen.

Saying so, this is the time where films like Grand Masti are minting millions at the box office. There are audience that will lap up these lame films and Mahesh may appeal to those 'elite' section of moviegoers. Rest can stay far away from this piece of crap and do yourself a big favor.

Verdict: Mahesh is a pathetic adult comedy!