| | 2013-11-02

Vishal, Lakshmi Menon, Bharathi raja

Director - Suseenthiran
Producer - Vishal
Banner - Vishal Film Factory
Music - D.Imman

Tamil hero Vishal is still finding ways to come out of the failures streak and in his new attempt he has produced Pandianadu under Suseenthiran's direction. Palnadu is the story of a common man's revenge on a powerful don.

What is it about?

Shiva (Vishal) is an ordinary middle class guy, who doesn't like to fight and stay away from problems. When everything is going as planned for him, his life goes upside down with his brother being killed by a local don. Shiva avenges his brother's death and sketches a plan to take down the don.


This is an entirely different character for Vishal, who is known for doing high octance action movies. In this film Vishal plays the role of a guy who doesn't know how to fight. He did well as the protagonist who isn't powerful enough to face the villain. Vishal's makeover is praiseworthy. Bharati Raja played an important role of a middle class father. His performance is impressive. Lakshmi Menon doesn't have much to do. She does leave a mark with the small role she had to play in this film. All others did an okay to fine job in the supporting roles. Most of them are not so popular Tamil actors.


Imman's soundtrack is pretty bad. None of the songs are good. Songs are needless for this film and the director had to forcibly create a situation for the sake of them. Background music is fine though. Editing is average. Second half needs a bit of trimming. Cinematography is topnotch and the action sequences stand out.

Director Suseenthiran showed his brilliance in few instances, but on a whole he failed to get it right. There is not much the director could do when the script has nothing new to offer. In spite of having an interesting premise and able star cast, director failed to make an interesting film due to bad writing.


The film takes off with a song which has strong Tamil flavor to it. In fact this film has so much Tamil nativity which may not appeal to Telugu audience. The story takes its own time to move forward and only gets interesting after the entry of heroine. There is good fun in the romantic episodes, which will be liked by the youngsters.

Story takes an expected turn at the interval point and the director tried to keep the revenge drama as natural as possible. His ideas are good but the execution part doesn't live up to expectations. The film drags on and on in the second hour due to bad screenplay. Director failed to raise the curiosity and make audience excited about the happenings on screen.

Palnadu shows some promise at times, but doesn't really raise the bar and fails to stand and deliver during the inevitable. Despite few good performances and interesting scenes, Palnadu falls flat as a movie. Vishal's hard work has gone wasted yet again. He needs to try hard to find good scripts rather trying to pull off weaker ones.

Verdict: Palnadu is for Tamilnadu audience!