Satya 2

| | 2013-11-08

Sarwanand, Anaika Soti and others

Director - Ram Gopal Varma
Producer - Sumanth Kumar Reddy
Banner - Mammoth Media Entertainment Private Limited
Music - Amar Mohile

Ram Gopal Varma, who has done loads of gangster films in the past, is back with another gangster based crime drama Satya 2. This film was made in Telugu and Hindi and Sarwanand played the lead role in Telugu version. Here is the review...

What is it about?

Satya (Sarwanand) comes to Hyderabad on a mission to become the king of underworld. He excutes various plans to get noticed and his 'Company' shocks one and all by the brutal murders of many popular celebrities. How the police hunts down Satya forms rest of the story.


Sarwanand played a one dimesional character where he needs to be serious all the time. He did okay as the lead. Better characterization could have helped him to emote. Anaika Soti is absolute zero as a performer. She has done ample skin show to cover up her weaknesses. Most of the character actors are from Bollywood. Everyone did their bit.


Music by Amar Mohile is not at all impressive. Ram Gopal Varma should stop singing for the sake of audience. Background score is too loud. Dialogues are cliched. Editing is poor and cinematography is strictly okay.
Ram Gopal Varma failed as a director in each and every aspect. First of all he didn't have proper script and the direction is very poor. Vintage Varma is completely absent and out of form. This is Varma's favorite genre and he has done classics like Satya and Company in this genre. He is in such a bad form as a director that he couldn't get anything right about this film.


Ram Gopal Varma simply made a film out of vague idea. He hasn't done any homework and it is evident in each every scene. Logic goes for a toss and logic cannot be ignored in these type of films. Director shouldn't give a scope to criticize when he wants to project his protagonist as a brilliant entrepreneur.
Satya 2 moves at sluggish pace and at times it drags like hell. Some scenes never get concluded and the poor dialogue makes it worse for the viewers. Heroine track is awful at the best. Scenes between Satya and heroine are unbearable to watch. Every time they get intimate a horrible song follows to makes things even painful for the viewers.
Ram Gopal Varma needs some retrospection at the moment. He should analyze the reasons for his failures rather blaming the audience. Naming this film as Satya 2 and branding it as successor to iconic Satya is a crime and he should be penalized for doing so. Stay away from this film if you are really care about yourselves. This is not a film but a brutal attack on the senses.

Verdict: Satya 2 is sheer torture!