Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu

| | 2016-12-16

Prudhvi, Naveen Chandra, Shruti Sodhi, Saloni, Posani, Murali Sharma, Raghu Babu and Others

Director - E. Sattibabu
Producer - KK Radha Mohan
Banner - Sri Satya Sai Arts
Music - Vasanth

Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu is a spoof gone wrong. Director Sattibabu tries to make fun of typical elements in Telugu commercial films, but fails to get the desired results due to lack of humor. Prudhvi did his best to save this from being a dud and even he was left helpless because of lazy writing.

What is it about?

Prasanth (Naveen), a middle class guy falls in love with a rich girl Priya (Shruti). Her father (Murali Sharma) looks down on Prasanth due to his financial status. Prasanth says that true happiness is not in the riches and he will only know the value of it when he loses something. So the rich man decides to make a flop movie and Veerababu (Prudhvi) is roped in for the lead role in it. Rest of the film is about how his plans go awry and the film turns out to be a hit.


Naveen Chandra has little to do in this film where he completely goes missing in the second half. The film belongs to Prudhvi and heavily banks upon his imitating skills and spoofs. Prudhvi is getting repetitive with his Balakrishna imitation that isn't funny anymore. He did his best to entertain the audience and succeeds to an extent. Saloni overacts in the name of comedy and Shruti fails to emote. Posani is alright. Raghubabu is his usual self. Murali Sharma is okay.


E. Sattibabu has made some notable comedies in the past but couldn't do much with this half baked script. His attempt at making a movie like Sudigadu ends up as a damp squib.

Music is very bad and so is the cinematography. Editor might have had sleepless nights to put this mess in order. It lacked the visual appeal because of low production values.  

Thumbs Up:

Purdhvi's comedy in parts

Thumbs Down:






Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu is a pathetic attempt at making a parody film. The idea was to make fun of the cliches of a typical Telugu film, but sadly the film itself turned out to be a joke. Barring few laughs provided by Prudhvi and Posani, there is nothing to write about this awfully bad comedy.

If the idea was to make a parody film then the director should have come up with a better screenplay rather inserting a film into a film. This technique backfired and gives us a feeling that we are watching two different films. Prudhvi and Saloni's love story is stretched too far without much fun that it starts to irritate after sometime.

We can't help but feel sorry for Naveen Chandra who was totally sidelined for Prudhvi. He is the real hero of this film and the interval card reads 'Hero enters now' proving that Naveen is a mere puppet in this clown show. One would expect better spoofs and funny dialogue with this setup, but what we are offered is lame jokes and silly spoofs that fail to evoke humor.

You will surely end up ruing your decision to watch this film and will start searching for the nearest exit even before Prudhvi enters the scene. Hopes raises after Prudhvi's introduction, but it doesn't take much time for them to dry up. All in all MEK is just a desperate attempt to cash in on Prudhvi's popularity and the title.

Verdict: Ee Torture Enti Maaku?