Movie Review: Gunturodu

2: 25 | Action | 2017-03-04

Manoj Manchu, Praggya Jaiswal, Sampath Raj, Rajendra Prasad, Kota Srinivasa Rao and Others

Director - SK Satya
Producer - Sreevarun Atluri
Banner - Claps and Whistles Productions
Music - Sri Vasanth

It has been a while since Manchu Manoj scored a box office hit. The Manchu hero is under pressure to deliver the goods after the colossal failure of his previous film Shourya. So he took upon a mass masala film as a safe bet. But did Gunturodu turn out as expected?

What is it about?

Kanna (Manoj) is a happy go lucky guy who falls in love with Amrutha (Praggya). In an incident, Kanna confronts with a dreaded criminal lawyer Seshu (Sampath Raj) and roughs him up. Seshu wants to take revenge and Kanna gets to know that Seshu is the elder brother of Amrutha. How can Kanna convince Seshu to make his love successful?


Manchu Manoj is apt in the role of a hot blooded youth. His bulky frame helped him a lot in the high octane action scenes. He did his bit but couldn't pull of the lackluster script. Praggya is glamorous and performed well. Sampath Raj's screen presence is one of the assets of the film. Kota Srinivasa Rao is good. Rajendra Prasad is impressive as hero's father. Rao Ramesh did a cameo. Praveen is fine as the sidekick of Manoj. Comedian Prudhvi appeared in one scene.


Satya concentrated more on presenting the movie in a stylish way with high speed shots. His direction is good and he has command over the craft. But the poor script made Gunturodu a tiresome watch. Satya may shine with better script on hands.

Vasanth's music is passable. A couple of songs are good on ears. Background score is decent. Cinematography is impressive. Editing is bad. There is so much lag in the film which should have been edited out. Dialogues are very ordinary. Production values are decent.

Thumbs Up:

Manchu Manoj


Thumbs Down:




Gunturodu is a typical masala film with an adequate storyline. It has elements that may please the genre fans. However, the script is too weak that director couldn't pull it off beyond a point. Beginning scenes in the movie are decent and sets right mood for what follows.

Hero and villain's confrontation scene is good, but director failed to maintain the tempo after that. Mood gets diverted and things get diluted whenever the love story comes to forefront. Slow moving screenplay and the lack of good comedy makes it a tiresome watch.

Gunturodu is fairly bearable until the interval point, but it turns utterly ridiculous post interval with lots of loud dialogues and ineffective scenes. We expect the fight between Manoj and Sampath to be exciting as both are highly egoistic characters. But what we get to see is eighties kind of treatment that makes us look for the nearest exit.

Nothing about Gunturodu is worth watching except for Manoj's sincere efforts to make it work. Sadly, the talented actor has once again picked up a wrong subject and the director has let him down big time. Gunturodu team will be hoping that it would be lapped up by the masses, but that seems unlikely.

Verdict: Gunturodu - Very Loud-u!