Lagadapati's Bomb In Delhi, Blast In AP

September 20th, 2012, 07:36 PM IST

Congress MP from Vijayawada, Lagadapati Rajagopal has thrown a letter-bomb in Delhi at Home Minister's office. But the blast effects of this bomb will be felt in Andhra Pradesh.

With continuous warnings from T-JAC Kodandaram and TRS MLA Harish Rao that Hyderabad will be attacked and claiming that they will not be responsible for the havoc, political circles got terrified. In a bid to give them a jolt, Congress MP Lagadapati has written a letter to Home Minister Shinde explaining the aftermaths that will take place if Telangana state is given and cited these two statements of T-leaders as example.

'They are spitting venom and threatening with provoking statements. Yesterday Kodandaram warned Minister Sridhar Babu and today Harish Rao is blackmailing CM. What to do rather reporting this to Home Minister of country as a responsible MP?' stressed Lagadapati, regarding his letter. He reportedly mentioned in the letter that Telangana region will become place for radical activities and Andhra people will be endangered if a separate state is carved.

Analysts say that his letter might force Home Minister to reinforce strict rules against the planned stride by pro-T activists.

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