US FBI: Kidnapped Baby Sanvi Dead

October 26th, 2012, 10:48 PM IST
US FBI: Kidnapped Baby Sanvi Dead

Supposed to be kidnapped by some assailants, 10 month old baby Sanvi Venna, who is missing from the last five days is killed by an individual named Raghu Yandamuri, says Federal Bureau Of Investigation, United States. Before abducting and killing Sanvi, he had also slashed Sanvi's grandmother Satyavathi to death.

Property disputes are said to be the prime reason behind these killings, and a person named Raghu Yandamuri who stays in the same apartment in Pennsylvania has carried out this carnage. Reports have that FBI and USA Police Department have found a ransom-note for $ 50,000 in the apartment immediately after the murder came to light. While FBI is saying that Raghu and Sanvi's family are close to each other from quite a time, Sanvi's relatives are denying that.

Speaking with the media, FBI said that 'We've searched all these days in a hope that Sanvi will be alive with the kidnapers, but unfortunately she passed away on that day itself'. Raghu Yandamuri is charged with murder, robbery and kidnap cases and is currently in FBI custody.

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