Sting Operation @ Hyderabad 'Call Boys'

November 6th, 2012, 09:38 PM IST
Sting Operation @ Hyderabad 'Call Boys'

In a rather ghastly incident, a couple of software engineers from Hyderabad city, who are working as call-boys (male prostitutes) are caught in a popular Telugu channel's sting operation.

After losing morale and a penchant to earn easy money, some Software engineers from the Hitech-City are taking up this route. It is revealed that rich married woman whose husbands stay away somewhere in the other part of the world are buying these boys for nights by shedding huge money. The call-boy den owners are running a website with information about all the available boys, and payments are accepted only through credit cards. As the call-boys are software engineers, they have easily created this hi-tech setup very easily to earn easy money.

'While politicians are doing prostitution with democracy, and raping our system, why should we worry about these innocent male prostitutes?' asks popular writer Posani Krishnamurali. But he finally condemned the acts of call-boys.

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