Roja's Love For Adult Jokes

February 23rd, 2013, 06:00 PM IST
Roja's Love For Adult Jokes

Senior heroine and politician Roja is very much busy these days with TV shows and acting assignments. Let us look at a naughty angle of her which she is showing in comedy show called 'Jabardasth'.

The other time, comedian Dhanraj stated if he was born as a 'remote' in Roja's house, he would have rested all the time on her upper body when she is sleeping. Reacting on this, Roja blushed and stated that 'Abba Aaasey'. Also all other 'comedian' contestants in the race continuously throw these double meaning jokes on Roja. Not many female celebrities, especially heroines take such double-meaning jokes in a positive way. In that sense we have to admire Roja for her heart for adult jokes.

But the big doubt for many people is why Roja not taking part in active politics, except coming to some press meets occasionally to take a spat with TDP leaders.

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