Seemandhra's Big Help To Telangana PM!!!

March 15th, 2013, 06:06 PM IST
Seemandhra's Big Help To Telangana PM!!!

Both Congress leaders including CM Kiran and TRS MLAs like Harish Rao have exchanged verbal duel today after starting a debate on no-confidence motion. But the big comments made by Harish Rao are not getting support even from Telangana leaders.

When CM Kiran commented that Congress is the first party to make a person from Telangana as Prime Minister of India (PV Narasimha Rao), Harish Rao took a blasting at him. He commented that Congress leaders and Seemandhra supporters have not even built a ghat for PV in Delhi when he expired. Harish accused that PV was discriminated by Congress as he hails from Telangan region. However, Harish should answer these questions before making such comments.

In 1991, PV Narasimha was nominated as Prime Minister even before he has won as an MP from any place in India. However, it is the people of Nandyal in Kurnool who have elected him as MP with 5 lakh votes majority in a by-election. This was also noted in Guinness Book of Records too. When Seemandhra people supported PV in this way, how can Harish Rao say PV is insulted? Any answer Harish?

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