Press Release : 'Chemistry' Movie direct release in USA

Press Release : 'Chemistry' Movie direct release in USA

This is Thirumala R Kumbum, Distributor for Telugu movie (Chemistry - Manasuki Mansuki Madhya).  Director Vachespathy Jonnalagadda (Vasu) is my friend and took this responsibility.

We would like to inform and invite you or your representatives for our premier shows in major cities in USA such as Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago , Bay Area and some more cities.

First time in Telugu history releasing Telugu movie directly in USA as per my knowledge. Due to shortage of theaters in AP (i.e., Many movies releasing on same weekend), we are forced to postpone our movie release in AP to next weekend. Hope you all aware of that small movies situations and problems in industry.

Please ask your representatives to call me for more details about premier show details. We would like to invite you or your representatives to our movie in above mentioned theaters and provide your valuable feedback/review.

Thanks for your time to look at my message and see you all.

REQUEST: Please share with other media friends whomever you know.

Thanks and Regards