'Ailing' TDP senior quits active politics

June 3rd, 2013, 07:00 AM IST
'Ailing' TDP senior quits active politics

'Ailing' senior leader in the opposition TDP T Devendar Goud quits 'active' politics. Goud, who underwent  treatment in USA and returned to the city recently, informed his party Chief N Chandrababu Naidu in the recent meeting held at the former's residence that his health was not supporting to continue to be active in the party.

Party sources said  the senior most leader in TDP, hailed from Ranga Reddy district, made up his mind to stay away from party activities in view of ill health and decided to rope his son Virender in active politics to fill political vacuum created in his absence in the TDP. As Naidu accepted Goud's request and assured that the latter's son will be given opportunity to contest in 2014 general election, the senior party leader thanked Naidu for his gesture. Goud was also not seen in the just concluded party's annual meeting Mahanadu held in Hyderabad.    

Sources said Goud will confine to his house and meet his supporters and followers in case any important party's event organized in his district. He will not participate in any meetings organized by the party in the district or at the party head office - NTR Trust Bhavan in the coming days.

In the wake of  Goud's decision to stay away from politics, party senior leaders and MLAs in Ranga Reddy district P Mahendar Reddy and M Kishan Reddy vying each other to take cudgels and nominate their own supporters as party in-charges of assembly constituencies in the district.

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