KCR Says No To Water Packets

June 3rd, 2013, 08:02 PM IST
KCR Says No To Water Packets

From last couple of days, TRS boss K Chandrasekhar Rao is busy giving lectures and speeches at various public meetings of the party. As usual here is breathing fire on Congress party and here comes an interesting bit at his public meet in Station Ghanpur.

Apparently KCR is busy all the time praising newly joined members of the party including Kadiyam, Vivek and K Kesavarao. Somehow people who are attending the event are unable to sit for long hours and listen to KCR, and hence TRS cadres are supplying water packets and snacks to them. But when KCR is giving speech at Station Ghanpur, cadres are busy distributing water packets and none are listening to his speech. Irritated by this happening, KCR ordered not to distribute water packets until he finishes his speech. People just stared with blank faces at this order of KCR and  might have started thinking about what happens if KCR comes to power in state.

On the flip side, KCR is busy stressing that no Dalit or backward person will become CM if Telugudesam or Congress comes to power, but failed to say how TRS will bring Telangana even if it wins 100 seats.

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