Discussions On New Capital Of Andhra

July 20th, 2013, 08:34 PM IST

With almost every politician in the state echoing the happening of state bifurcation either directly or indirectly, people are now discussing a lot about the new-capital for the State Of Andhra. It looks like people are divided to pick a city suitable for capital and here goes the discussion.

If at all the state gets divided and Coastal Andhra region forms as a special state, then which city should be made capital will be the biggest challenge ever before Andhra politicians. Actually the city of Vijayawada is one of the best option on the table, and the city was also in race for AP capital during 1956 AP formation too. Also, some are demanding Vizag to be made a capital and some are stressing that Ongole will be geographical centre of coastal Andhra and hence that place.

If we speak more sensibly, Vijayawada is the bright option for its geographical advantage. The city connects two big national highways and also 250 passes through Vijayawada every day. No other city in Andhra region got such a wide connectivity. For Vizag, the city being a more industrial colony and with Defense establishments running all over, it may not be secure to make it capital. In case if someone is defending that Vizag got a port, then one should remember that Bandar port is quite nearer to Vijayawada and also Hyderabad is not at all having any port. Coming to Ongole, there is neither infrastructure, nor any already present advantage to turn into a capital.

Some people outlaw Vijayawada saying that there is no piece of land to extend the city and build stuff like assembly, secretariat and MLA quarters. These are the days where technological advancement in construction are at peaks. One should remember that World Trade Centre that accommodates lakhs of employees everyday is just built in 20 acres of space. So, land is not a big issue to make Vijayawada as capital of State of Andhra, felt many. What do you say folks? Share your opinion below.

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