PK's Honeymoon With Jagan Comes To An End?

PK's Honeymoon With Jagan Comes To An End?

Ever since political strategist Prashant Kishor was introduced in YSRCP's plenary, the growing popularity for him in the party has not gone well with many YSRCP leaders. Although Jagan clarified that he would be limited to devising a strategy and advising Jagan, many YSRCP leaders suspected that Prashant would give feedback to Jagan against them costing them their jobs (seats) in the upcoming general elections.

Even as Prashant's topic continue to stir up hornet's nest in the party, Deputy Chief Minister KE Krishnamurthy made some interesting comments the other day which are expected to create more furore in the party.

KE Krishnamurthy stated that Prashant has serious differences with YSRCP cadre and is contemplating to say 'bid adieu' to Jagan, YSRCP. Krishamurthy indicated that Prashant is unhappy over Jagan's 'behaviour' too. He said that Prashant left to Delhi away from YSRCP.

These comments of Krishnamurthy are expected to trigger panic in YSRCP's top brass. These are expected to create internal trouble in YSRCP and divert Jagan's attention from ongoing Nandyal by-election where he is conducting road shows and making severe comments on Chandrababu Naidu.

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