Yes, Ready To Be PM Candidate: RaGa

Yes, Ready To Be PM Candidate: RaGa

The Congress party vice-president Rahul Gandhi has admitted that he was ready to be the Prime Minister candidate of his party in 2019 elections.

Addressing students at University of California's Berkeley, Gandhi said that he was absolutely ready to be the Congress' PM candidate for the 2019 elections. "The decision is something the Congress party should make. If the responsibility is vested in me, I am ready to take it," he added.

On the accusation that he is the result of dynasty politics, Rahul Gandhi amused the audience saying Akhilesh Yadav, Stalin, Abhishek Bachchan, the children of Ambani etc. are all dynasts. "Its just the way India functions. The real question is if that person is a capable or not," he added.

When asked about the introspection done by the Congress leadership following the party's biggest loss in the last election, the Gandhi scion admitted that a certain arrogance had crept into the party and he took responsibility for a couple of years of lost opportunities since 2012.

During his two-week US tour, Gandhi will meet Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and thought leaders to develop a better path forward for the Congress party. From San Francisco, Mr Gandhi will travel to Los Angeles and Washington DC before his final address in New York, where he will address NRIs in New York City's Marriot Hotel.

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