Lokesh Learnt From Dad's Mistakes!

Lokesh Learnt From Dad's Mistakes!

In what could be a smart and audacious political move, Panchayat Raj & IT Minister and TPD national general secretary Nara Lokesh has made it clear that Srungavarapu Kota sitting MLA Lalitha Kumari would be given ticket in the next elections as well. During his visit to Vizianagaram district to participate in Intinta TDP program, Nara Lokesh made the above comments.

Politically all is not well in Srungavarapu Kota as there has been bad blood between present MLA Lalitha Kumari and ex MLA Hymavathi. Already both groups have been active and were strong in the five Mandals of the constituency. This had turned headache for high command. Although the issue had been reached to the ministers from the district, none could solve it.  Lokesh finally stepped in and took the decision in favour of sitting MLA Lalitha. With Lokesh's statement clearly in favour of the present MLA, rival Hymavathi and her followers are deeply upset.

However, political experts opine that it wouldn't be much problem politically. This is indeed a smart move by Lokesh. Rather than beating around the bush and holding this for long till the elections, Lokesh clarifying the high command's stand clears the ambiguity and helps the true party workers to take clear stand to work for the party and its representative in the constituency.

In fact, Chandrababu Naidu had earned a bad popularity for delaying such political decisions and maintaining balanced stand with either parties that had backfired several times. But Lokesh now gone ahead and took a bold step.

Also the fact that Lokesh has made the announcement just after TDP's sound victory in both Nandyal, Kakinada is good, well-calculated move as not many party workers wouldn't be interested to quit TDP at this juncture. On the whole, it is good job by Lokesh.

Sep 14, 2017 రకుల్‌ ఓ రేంజ్‌లో దుమ్ము రేపుతోంది రకుల్‌ ప్రీత్‌ సింగ్‌కి దక్షిణాదిలోనే కాకుండా ఉత్తరాదిలోను డిమాండ్‌ పెరిగింది. తెలుగు, తమిళ భాషల్లో టాప్‌ హీరోయిన్‌గా కొనసాగుత… View Full Article

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