Pradeep Attends Session, What Happens Tomorrow?

Pradeep Attends Session, What Happens Tomorrow?

The episode of anchor Pradeep and his disappearance post getting caught by Hyderabad police while driving his swanky BMW on 31st night became a sensation of sorts.

In the early hours of January 1st at 3 am, actually, Pradeep was caught at a checkpoint in Road No 45 and the breathe analyser test recorded a reading of 178mg. Afterwards, Pradeep hasn't appeared before the police for counselling session that will be given to the people caught committing the drunk driving offence. With today being last day to attend the session, everyone went clueless.

After releasing a video where Pradeep has accepted that he committed a huge mistake, today finally the star anchor has turned up at Goshamahal Station to take part in the counselling session. Along with his father, Pradeep turned up at the session and it will go on for nearly three hours.

And then, tomorrow Pradeep is going to appear before a magistrate as well. In all the cases to date where the offenders are caught with more than 100+ mg of alcohol in blood, Court has issued a couple of days jail sentence. That's what worrying this anchor's admirers now, whether he will be receiving a punishment from the court or just gets slapped fine.

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