Pawan Not A Good Leader & Actor - Kishan Reddy

Pawan Not A Good Leader & Actor - Kishan Reddy

Telangana BJP senior leader G Kishna Reddy has made controversial comments on Jana Sena leader and Telugu Film hero Pawan Kalyan. The BJP leader said Pawan was not a matured actor.

"Pawan's acting skills are very poor. His onscreen expressions looks funny. The film actor is surviving in the film industry because he is the brother of Chiranjeevi," Reddy further said Chiranjeevi's son Rama Charan is better  than Pawan in the acting.

The BJP leader also targeted Pawan's political career. The Jana sena leader is existing in the politics with the help of media only. He had neither leadership qualities nor oratory skills to attract the people in Telugu states.

Reddy took strong exception to Pawan for criticizing BJP on every issues raised by ruling TDP in Andhra. He questioned the film actor turned political leader for maintaining silence on Chandrababu's failures.

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