Pawan Drags Lokesh, TDP Drags Chiru

Pawan Drags Lokesh, TDP Drags Chiru

Recently, Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan said that Chandrababu Naidu is planning to contest for the Lok Sabha in the 2019 general elections. Pawan went on to say that Babu is also planning to make his son a CM.

Pawan vowed to stop Babu's "ridiculous plan" and questioned, "how can a person who can't even win an election, but became a minister through back door as an MLC, rule the state?" Pawan went on to say, "Let Lokesh contest from anywhere in the state and we will field a candidate and defeat Lokesh."

While Pawan dragged Lokesh, TDP, on the other hand, has dragged Chiranjeevi into the mud. Condemning Pawan's comments on Lokesh, TDP MLC Buddha Venkanna asked Pawan to explain how his brother Chiranjeevi became a union minister during Congress' rule.

Venkanna further advised Pawan to think twice before blindly reading out the scripts written by the BJP. "Will you dare prove all the allegations you have been making against Chandrababu?," Venkanna fumed at Pawan.

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