Chandrababu's 'Rice Joke' For Voters

May 12th, 2012, 10:16 PM IST
Chandrababu's 'Rice Joke' For Voters

Chandrababu has increased the price of government aided Kilo rice from 2 rupees to 5 rupees during his regime. Now he is promising it for free. Is this not a joke?

For Minister Shabbir Ali of Congress, all these promises that are being made by Naidu are looking like jokes. 'He is the one to raise the price of Kilo rice provided through ration. Now he is promising it for free. This is a big election joke', feels Shabbir Ali. He also poked fun at Naidu's free current promise. 'It is Naidu who has fired at protesters who demonstrated for free electricity long back. How he can promise free-current now?', he questioned.

On the other hand Telugudesam chief has intensified his attack against Congress and YSR Congress with his funny satires. We have to wait till the completion of by-polls and their results to know who people will believe among all these political players.

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