500 Crores To 'Jump Jilani' MLAs

June 2nd, 2012, 07:00 AM IST
500 Crores To 'Jump Jilani' MLAs

What is the use of jumping into a particular party until unless they have some benefits before taking the 'teertham'. A buzz is doing rounds in political circles that huge amounts are offered to these 'jump jilanis'.

2 to 3 MLAs have confirmed that they are leaving Congress party to join hands with YSR Congress. Amidst reports of Gali, a close aide of Jagan, buying CBI Judge to get a decree in his favour, opposition is voicing hard that same thing is happening in case of MLAs. According to insider information, YSR Congress sleuths are dumping more than 20 crores for an MLA and this accounts to almost 500 crores for 25 MLAs.

With CBI keeping their vigil on their own Court's judge, there is no doubt they will keep an eye on the transactions of YSR party's top brass who are playing key role in buying MLAs, says TDP leader Dadi Veerabhadrarao. With the way this investigation agency is heading in the case of our white collared politicians, our 'jump jilanis' may take a caution call before doing the big leap!

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