Hyd Girls caught nude and drunk at midnight

June 21st, 2012, 02:48 PM IST
Hyd Girls caught nude and drunk at midnight

In yet another shabby incident, two Hyderabadi girls are red-handedly caught by AP police when they are travelling nude and drunken in their car. The incident took time to get into spot light.
On Monday, AP Police have chased a Chevrolet car around 2am in the morning for not stopping at a check post. When stopped at Mehdipatnam, Police noticed that there are two girls and two boys inside the car. While the youths are driving the vehicle, the two girls are sitting naked and drinking liquor in the back seat. Rather answering the police for drunken driving, they are heard abusing the kakhis in that inebriated state. Though all are taken into custody, the four youths are heard pleading the police to not reveal their identities as they are software engineers in top corporate firms.
With software boom slowly picking up in the state again, party-culture is also on a rise in the city of pearls. But youth are utilizing these advancements in the worst way possible.

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