Telugu NRI Mom Died In Road Accident

Telugu NRI Mom Died In Road Accident

In a fateful tragic road accident, Mrs. Suhasini Keshapally, age 34, passed away in Tampa, Florida.

On 24th of this month, Suhasini, wife of Suresh Reddy Bojja, was traveling in her car with her 7-year-old son, Suchir. While the car was passing though Morris Bridge Road at around 6.30 PM, Suhasini, who was driving the vehicle, somehow lost control and indulged in the fatal accident.

According to the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, she succumbed to injuries on the accident spot, whereas her son Suchir miraculously survives with minor injuries. He was reportedly admitted into Tampa General Hospital.

Family members back in India were inconsolable after learning about the accident.

Please Help Bojja's Family In Grief Situation

Our loving friend Suresh Bojja wife Suhasini Keshapally,34 died in car accident on August 24th when she was driving from Lakeland to Tampa.

Suhasini was survived by her husband Suresh and 7-year-old Suchir. Suresh and family recently moved to Tampa from Lakeland.

The accident injured Suchir who was riding with her. Suchir had minor injuries, but thankfully he has been discharged next day and is doing well.

Suhasini was a great mom and the pillar of their family. Her hopes and dreams were always centered on taking care of her son Suchir. Additionally, she was an enthusiastic person always willing to help her family and friends.

Suresh works as a Software Engineer at Publix. During this extreme time, we are trying to help raise money and provide financial support to Suresh and Suchir.

We would like to ask for your help to spread the word about the Go fund me campaign started by friends and family. bojjas-family-fund

In addition, to go fund by family and Friends, NATS also actively working with Suhasini's family and provide assistance where ever required. donate-now/

Please select Suhasini Keshapally Family Support from Drop down list

Thanking All...
Family and Friends.

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