10 countries that may benefit most by H-1B visa curbs on India

10 countries that may benefit most by H-1B visa curbs on India

If you are wondering that new H1-B rules floated by America is a growing barrier to Indians dreaming to work in United States, it has come down as a 'big blessing' for many other nations across globe. The new move has indirectly helped highly skilled folks from various other countries.

A survey has been conducted by an online technical recruiting platform 'HackerRank' to analyze the nations that are advantaged with the new work visa regulations. As per the report released, Asia's Singapore has bagged first place with 70.3%. The nation has topped the list for its Internet speech and beneficial business taxes.

Poland took rank-2 for its top-graded developers and it's said to offer affordable costs in establishing a developer team. For its incredible STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), Taiwan (66.3%) has been placed at No.3 and faster internet is an additional advantage.

Finland, which took fourth place with 65.7 percent for lease corruption, is followed by New Zealand (65.5%) and Bulgaria (65.2%) for top corruption index, English speaking skills and internet speed, competition for talent respectively.

Number 7 is Hungary (64.6%) for low cost in terms of salary, rent & low competition for talent. 8. Czech Republic (63.5%) and 9. Netherlands (63.5%) also ran into the list with equal percentage. Both nations ranked based on top skills index, English-speaking skills and internet speed. The last nation, in the list, that was benefitted by the latest rules by president Donald Trump is Sweden (63.4%). The country also scored well on factors like English speaking skills and internet speed. Unavailability of STEM skills is a backlog.

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