How Special Is Krish To Vijayendra Prasad

How Special Is Krish To Vijayendra Prasad

Super talented writer and director V Vijayendra Prasad attended the audio launch of Vijay's Mersel. The ace writer even penned the screenplay for the film which has been directed by Atlee. Vijayendra Prasad revealed an interesting secret during the audio launch about the film Manikarnika.

He stated that when the makers of Manikarnika approached him to pen the script, he felt happy but laid a condition to them. Speaking about this, he said, "Manikarnika is based on the life story of Rani Laxmibhai of Jhansi. Manikarnika was her original name and it was after her marriage she updated her name to Laxmibhai. I took my time and penned the script of Manikarnika. It was during this time Bollywood filmmakers approached me for the script and I had a condition".

Explaining the condition, he adds, "I said that I am ready to give the script if Krish will be given the responsibility to direct the film. The makers and Kangana Ranaut watched Gautamiputra Satakarni in a special screening and offered the responsibility to Krish. This is how Manikarnika happened".

Apart from these movies, Vijayendra Prasad is also writing screenplay for a film of AR Rahman, but more details of it are not given.

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