The US may get colder than Mars this weekend!

The US may get colder than Mars this weekend!

Shockingly, the temperatures in the New York City did not go above the freezing point since Christmas. With reports emerging that, things could get only worse over the weekend, the citizens are finding ways to keep their homes and themselves warm.

The US East Coast is hit by 'bomb cyclone', with temperatures only to drop further. What exactly is 'bomb cyclone' in the first place?

Bomb Cyclone is a simplified version of Bombogenesis, a term that describes the sudden drop in atmospheric pressure of a storm, below 24 millibars within a 24-hour window. This results in blizzard conditions, where large amounts of snow are dumped in the affected regions, freezing everything in its surroundings.

The bomb cyclone is expected to create havoc in the Northeast this weekend. More than 12 people have reportedly died due to the extreme cold climatic conditions. More than 40 million people are likely to face the wrath of this blizzard natural calamity. The storm is expected to further intensify later in the day with equivalent strength of Superstorm Sandy.

Charleston, Wilmington, Norfolk and other cities along the east coast are likely to experience a snowfall of 5-8" with 50 mph (or 80kmph) gusts. Travelling north towards the Boston and Portland, the gusts can reach up to 60 – 70mph with heavy snowfall, with some Northeast parts getting colder than Mars this weekend.

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