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H-1B Visa Restrictions A Blessing For Hyd

H-1B Visa Restrictions A Blessing For Hyd

US president-elect Donald Trump is hell-bent on implementing strict restrictions on the H-1B Visas, which he describes as "cheap labor program". However, techies and IT firms in Hyderabad seem to be unperturbed and are quite hopeful about the city's IT future instead.

The H-1Bs are issued to bring in foreign skill when the requisite skills can't be found in the US. Each year, the H-1B visas witness nearly 1 lakh exceptionally skilled contract workers, mostly in tech and mostly from India. While most techies stay for several years, some manage to get green cards.

Trump's dreadful initiatives in the US are leading to booming employment in Hyderabad as thousands of skilled Indian techies will stay back in the country. This in turn will help India's rise as a global tech hub.

Hyderabad and Bangalore have been acting as a prominent base for reputed American outsourcing companies all these years. But of late, these IT cities started to cultivate their own base and are even witnessing a huge in flow of tech startups over the past decade.

Telangana's IT Minister KTR too is quite upbeat about Hyderabad's future. Four of the world's five biggest companies, Apple, Google, Microsoft and Facebook and even Amazon, Dell, Uber and others have major operations in the capital city.

The huge skilled Indian workforce that failed to get H-1Bs or returned from the US will play key role in the city's economy, KTR believes.

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