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Trump's Son Foreign Visit Costs $100K taxpayers' Money

Trump's Son Foreign Visit Costs $100K taxpayers' Money

Newly elected US President Donald Trump, who has questioned the earlier government over why the taxpaying citizen should fund the personal trips of the President's kin, seems to have conveniently neglected the same as soon as he ascended the chair.

As per international media reports, the US govt. has recently paid close to $100,000 (Rs 67 lakhs approx.) when Trump's son, Eric, had a foreign visit on business purpose.

It may be noted that the President's immediate family members are provided state-funded security, particularly on trips to foreign nations.

When Eric Trump visited Uruguay for a business trip last month, he stayed there for as little as two nights but the state had to pay almost $100,000 to cover his security costs. The accommodation and food bill of the Secret Service agents for a mere 48 hours cost the taxpayers 1/10th of a million dollars.

Once this news came to the fore, Trump's adversaries and the political experts have started questioning him over his moral ethics as he himself criticized his predecessor for spending public money on personal trips.

It may be recalled that during the Obama administration, Trump on several occasions took to Twitter to question why taxpayer's money was being wasted for the vacations of President's kin.

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