Malavika Says She Was Groped At A Film Auditions

Malayalam actress Malavika Sreenath recently shared her experience of being a victim of casting couch in an interview. She revealed that three years ago, she was called for an audition to play Manju Warrier’s daughter in a film. After the audition, the person who facilitated the audition recorded the video groped her from behind. He also asked her to wait inside the room for 10 minutes while her mother and sister were waiting outside.

Malavika shared that the audition took place in Thrissur, and her sister and mother accompanied her. After the audition, the man asked her to fix her hair in the dressing room. As she was doing that, he suddenly came and grabbed her from behind. She became numb and started trembling, trying to push him away but couldn’t. He then asked her to let her mother and sister stay outside and asked her to stay for ten minutes.

Malavika started crying and tried to knock the camera down. By the time his attention was diverted, she managed to escape. She said that she later found out that the people who called her for the audition were not related to the film. She added that anyone would fall for such a chance to meet Manju Warrier.

Malavika’s experience is a grim reminder of the prevalent casting couch culture in the film industry. Many actors and actresses have spoken up about their experiences of being sexually harassed during auditions or while working on sets. The industry needs to take concrete steps to eradicate this culture and provide a safe working environment for everyone. The voices of victims like Malavika need to be heard, and the perpetrators need to be held accountable for their actions. Only then can we hope for a better and safer film industry.