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Balayya's Zip Step And Floor Sweep On Whatsapp

Balayya's Zip Step And Floor Sweep On Whatsapp

For reasons unknown, Nandamuri Balakrishna has included few crazy elements inside the film "Jai Simha" that has stunned the audiences. And one of them is now going viral on Whats App especially in the form of some short clips being circulated.

Inside the song Amma Kutty that features Balayya and Natasha Doshi, definitely the Nandamuri biggie has created an uproaring moment for his fans. As he makes certain moves on the dance floor, it is crazy to see him do that.

Especially the way he unzips and zips his jerkin in a moment is crazy. Later Balayya also did a step with his leg on a yellow chair and pushing it away crazily. Also, the one where he sweeps the floor with a foot twist is interesting. Even Natasha tried matching to Balayya's energy by shaking her waist rhythmically.

These steps are now becoming viral videos on WhatsApp, while they are crazy for someone for others they are looking for fun. On the brighter side, 57-year-old Balayya doing such crazy moves is really a treat to watch and also deserves appreciation.

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