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Shocking Look Of Megastar Chiru: What's Wrong??

Shocking Look Of Megastar Chiru: What's Wrong??

Whether there is something really wrong or it is done intentionally, right now Megastar Chiranjeevi is simply shocking us with his appearance. After clean shaving that long grown beard aimed for "Sye Raa" look, he has now given another shocker.

Today Megastar came out to launch the teaser of the upcoming film "Juvva". Forget about the teaser or the film but it is Megastar's no-moustache look that has shocked everyone. In his entire film career, he sported such a look on silver screen only for a couple of occasions. Even in real life, Chiru never appears in this way. But this time, it looks like he's repeating the 'Jhonny' look of Pawan Kalyan for sure.

Some insiders revealed that Megastar has cleanly shaven completely during his Mumbai tour in order to compliment VFX Studios that are actually scanning his face and producing his total body in Computer Graphics for "Sye Raa" movie. For that reason, Megastar has to completely shave and there is no option. And he will be growing his facial hair back to normal in next few weeks before Sye Raa second schedule kicks off.

Post this event, Chiranjeevi might head to his Bangalore Farm House to celebrate Sankranthi as usual like every year.

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