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Not Just Fingers, Everything Crossed

Not Just Fingers, Everything Crossed

Sankranthi 2018 is, in fact, turning out to be as boring as it could be in Tollywood. There is no film that could entertain masses to the care. There is no film that will be making family audiences happy. And there is no wonder that is aimed at children enjoying their Sankranthi holidays.

With Agnyaathavaasi getting a negative talk, Jai Simha engulfed in divide talk and Gang getting good talk but bad openings, trade circuits are wondering what exactly is going to happen in the first every holiday season of the year. And now, the only ray of hope seems to be Raj Tarun's Rangula Ratnam movie.

Maybe for Annapurna Studios, Nagarjuna and Raj Tarun, it is just fingers crossed, but for trade circuits out there it is everything crossed. Because they are not witnessing the full potential of a holiday season with theatres going dry for matinees and second shows. And they want to see at least this film of Raj Tarun becoming that hunger-filling entertainer.

Directed by Sri Ranjani, Raj Tarun and Chitra Sukhla's Rangula Ratnam is hitting cinemas today amidst a crisis that is looming over Telugu box office. Hope the film encashes on the missing Sankranthi treat.

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