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Mahesh-Bunny Fight: Who Is Behind This??

Mahesh-Bunny Fight: Who Is Behind This??

From a time we're hearing how the makers of both Naa Peru Surya and Bharath Anu Nenu are not giving back their dates. Way back in October last year, Mahesh's project shocked trade circuits by announcing that April 27th is the release date while Naa Peru Surya was already declared on that date in June 2017 itself. And that fight is not getting over any sooner.

Other day Allu Arjun's film declared that they are releasing their film on 26th, advancing the release by one day. In just an hour gap, Mahesh's makers also announced that they are also hitting cinemas on 26th only. One wonders who is propelling this clash between two big stars of Telugu cinema. Here is an interesting take.

// Surya's side //

Allu Arvind

Generally, this veteran never gets into any trouble by calling for a clash. He's the man of truce. So naturally, he would avoid the clash and plan a solo release for his son such that the collections will be high.

Vakkantam Vamsi

For being a new director, definitely, Vakkantam couldn't go for any particular likes about the release date and can't force his producers to come on April 27th only. Also, a solo release will be what he will be looking at.

Lagadapati, Nagababu and Bunny Vasu

The three producers of Naa Peru Surya left the decision over release date to Bunny Vasu only and he's hinting about a settlement with competitors for a long time. His intention is to get at least two weeks gap or a week in the worst case between these two releases. But where did his talks failed?

Allu Arjun

Always this star hero plans everything with a caution and we can't say that he's involved in a decision to clash with another big movie.

// Bharat's Side //

Dil Raju

Backing 'Bharat Anu Nenu', Dil Raju wants to make sure that the film gets good theatres and placements. He's super friends with Allu Arvind and won't like to get into a tussle. But why would he go for the big clash? Truly he will not be appreciating this clash.

Koratala Siva

Among all the competitors involved, he's the only powerful man we have to say, because like Allu Arjun he is the one to have a streak of continuous hits to his career. Probably he could call the shots about the release date, but what will be fancy in that head-on collision with Bunny?

DVV Danayya

After a disaster like Bruce Lee, this producer pinned hopes on Ninnu Kori but haven't recovered much. Now he has to score a massive hit with Bharat Anu Nenu to comeback triumph from the losses he made earlier. But going for such a clash with another big film will be making things tough for him. Also, he may not favour the feud.

Mahesh Babu

For the sake of giving space to Baahubali, Mahesh moved back his Srimanthudu and he always favours positioning of films without any clashes. And many times clashes proved fatal for him. So surely he will not agree with this fight on 27th.

It looks like the only motivation for the teams of Bharat Anu Nenu and Naa Peru Surya to come up on 26th is that they want to nullify the effect of Rajnikanth's Kala that is hitting cinemas a day after, ie April 27th.

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