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Talk of the Town: Intelligent Moves of Top Production House

Talk of the Town: Intelligent Moves of Top Production House

There is one big production house in Telugu Film Industry. They are known for intelligent moves. If they like a story immensely and very confident about the script and its commercial success, they don't let the film go out of their family. The hero within  their family will act and they themselves will produce without calling for any co producers.

But if they have even an iota of doubt on the commercial success, but still like the script, they don't take the risk of complete production, but call someone to produce. The banner stands as a key presenter and hold their major stakes in the business. If the film works, they get their shares well. If it fails, they lose nothing as their hero will get his remuneration. Above all, the banner image will be intact.

So, the insiders in the film industry say that not only this particular banner but if any top banner is not producing a film on its own, it means they have doubts on the commercial aspects of the film.

Well, that sounds obvious and clear. Indeed the top banner said here feels free to produce any small budget film on its own, but uses its intelligence and calculator only when it comes to big budgets.

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