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Onscreen Pushpavalli Upset With Mahanati

Onscreen Pushpavalli Upset With Mahanati

"Mahanati" is one of the most liked films by majority of audience after "Baahubali". It is in fact a great deal to find a place on screen in this film. Even a small role would make the actors feel like a historical experience in the years down the line. But how it pinches if one finds a prominent role in the film Mahanati but completely gets chopped off on editing table? Yes, it happened to Bindu Chandramouli. You may wonder who she is. But she bagged a pivotal role of Pushpavalli. In fact, there is only one scene where Gemini Ganesan confesses to Savitri that he has an affair with Pushpavalli. Other than that there was no scene where Pushpavalli was seen.

Bindu Chandramouli mentioned in social media- "It's very disappointing to have known that the makers have decided to cut out the whatever little it is, the character of Pushpavalli (after dubbing) and also appearance of the character of her young daughter Rekha".

So, this is understood that even the legendary actress Rekha who happened to be a daughter of Gemini Ganesan also had a place on screen but got deleted later.

What else can we do than feeling pity for the actress Bindu? Well, the makers can at least release those scenes as uncut bits on YouTube. A solace for the actress and a treat for the audience. On the other hand, there is another option for the makers to release the director's cut (without deleted scenes) online.

Followed by this Bindu Chandramouli later posted, " OMG! I moved on. I shared a personal post on my wall about my instant disappointment, which was a simple human instinct , and that has been used extensively in media to make news( friends have sent me links from reputed newspapers too). Some have even interpreted it differently.

FYI : I was never contacted or approached by anyone from media on this topic. I just want to clarify, I have nothing against the Mahanati team. They are the best I have worked with and I am not upset with any of them. It was just couple shots and not a big deal. Wish few websites stop misconstruing the posts/pics on my personal wall and let us all forget Pushpavlli. Mahanati is a classic and let's just appreciate it."

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