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Adhugo Master Plan Ready, But Construction Weak

Adhugo Master Plan Ready, But Construction Weak

Creative master Ravibabu, the man who induced a new style of Hollywood-like slapstick comedy and situational thrillers to Tollywood, has fallen flat this time. No matter what they say, his Bunty from Adhugo failed to entertain us.

The idea of a piglet (named Bunty) doing utter fun is a good idea because that's how the likes of Tom and Jerry, Jungle Book and others succeeded as entertainers. But mingling animal comedy into live-action needs a 'Finding Nemo' 'Ratatouile' kind of story, but Ravi Babu missed it. Though the construction of the film is weak, do you know that he has a master plan in hand?

We hear that producer Suresh Babu and director Ravi Babu got Adhugo dubbed into four languages already. The first copy in other versions is ready for release. And the plan is to release them all if Adhugo Telugu version becomes a super hit. But things went for a toss, however.

More than focusing on piglet's animation and CG qualities in some scenes, Ravi Babu should have concentrated on the story progression and screenplay. Then his Master Plan would have worked out.

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