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Who Is That Guy With Anushka? Secret Revealed

Who Is That Guy With Anushka? Secret Revealed

So finally, hottie Anushka Shetty gave clarity once and for all as she unveiled her fit new look to the world. And her fabulous look became a talk of the town, as some photos of her came out this Monday morning. And there is a big doubt too.

In a couple of pictures, actually, the Mangalore lady is seen posing with a random guy who is not known in film circles and set everyone into thinking. Here are the details of that guy, however, exclusive for Gulte.com readers.

He happens to be Luke Coutinho, who is a nutritionist specialized in Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine. For Anushka to lose fat in a positive way as she is worrying with her bulky figure for years, Luke is said to have helped her big time. He is the person behind her European sojourn as she went to Austria to indulge in a detox program that many celebs go for.

While Luke has many clients nationally and internationally, her newest friend Anushka is likely to become a brand ambassador for his new brand, in which our Baahubali siren will be a partner as well, say reports.

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