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Why Those Two Directors Are Very Close To Mahesh!

Why Those Two Directors Are Very Close To Mahesh!

Whatever the event that is taking place at Mahesh Babu's places, whether that is a film success party or a birthday party, few guests are a must. All these days there used to be Namrata's friends and their spouses at Superstar's parties, but now two known Telugu celebs have become a regular.

They are none other than Vamsi Paidipally and Meher Ramesh. Other day at Mahesh's daughter Sitara birthday party, these two have made their presence felt, thereby getting the attention of film lovers too. And one wonders where did these new friendships of Mahesh have actually started.

After delivering a film like Maharshi, surely Vamsi is expected to tag along with the star hero. And then, by looking at that kiss-picture where Mahesh planted one on Vamsi's cheek at Maharshi success party, one could understand about their bonding.

Cut to Meher Ramesh, this director who is no more narrating any new stories to star heroes owing to flops like Kantri, Billa and Shadow, he has actually got close to Mahesh after he directed him in a TV commercial for a real estate company. Since then the two have struck a bond and it's going quite superb, they say.

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