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Public Talk: You Should Watch Amala Paul's Aame

Public Talk: You Should Watch Amala Paul's Aame

Dusky beauty Amala Paul's latest movie 'Aame' is here and not many have would have known that about the release as there are a bit low promotions. But the film is getting a strong word of mouth due to Amala's terrific portrayal of the role Kamini.

While the film is said to be a bit boring in the first hour, the second hour is where you get stunned. Suddenly Amala finds herself stranded in a huge building and without any piece of cloth over her body. So what happened to her and happens to her is the rest of the story.

And the high point is that Amala is seen totally naked in almost the whole of the second half, about whom, you could see a teaser released by Amala herself. And the scenes are shot quite aesthetically pleasing that you will never feel awkward about Amala, rather you find her disturbing. That's a terrific and daring act from her.

Currently, the film is seeing huge footfalls being Sunday and the mouth talk is spreading quite faster. We have to see where Aame of Amala stands next week.

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