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Pic Talk: Sye Raa 'Car' Fever In The US

Pic Talk: Sye Raa 'Car' Fever In The US

This crazy photograph of a US fan paying tribute to Megastar Chiranjeevi's forthcoming epic patriotic drama 'Sye Raa' shows the hype and excitement for the film among fans. Krishna Beerakayala, a die-hard fan of Chiru from Los Angeles, California, has shown his love for his favorite star's most prestigious movie by carving the film's title on his flashy car's number plate.

After being in the making for nearly two years, Sye Raa is finally hitting cinemas worldwide on October 2nd. Fans are awaiting the film's release with bated breath. Thanks to the unprecedented euphoria, Sye Raa is sure to register phenomenal opening collections across the world, and especially in the US.

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