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What Is The Connection Between Priya And Vikram?

What Is The Connection Between Priya And Vikram?

Few directors have few tastes and some show that when it comes to naming their heroes and heroines in their movies. Back then, VV Vinayak used to name most of his heroine characters as Nandini. Then we have Trivikram using two word names of his heroes like Viraaj Anand, Anand Vihari, Abhishikt Bhargav and many more.

Here comes director Vikram K Kumar who is now naming most of his heroines with the name Priya. Though Vikram's first three films have different names, his next film 13B has the heroine named as Priya. Since then, heroines in Ishq, Manam, 24, Hello and now in Gang Leader are named Priya only. That brings us to the question, what is the connection between Priya and Vikram.

Though many say that it might be his ex-girlfriend's name, people close to him revealed that it is just a sentiment as 13B became his first hit after a lot of struggles and that film has the heroine named as Priya. At a time when films hold lot of emotional and sentimental scenes, why not the directors have a pinch of sentiments at least?

Vikram's Gang Leader is hitting cinemas tomorrow, Sep 13th.

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