Live Update:
11 Aug, 2017, 08:20 AM IST
Tweet Updates: LIE Movie Premiere Show

Nithiin enjoyed blockbuster success with A..Aa and join hands with KVPG director Hanu Raghavapudi. Lie is releasing today amidst huge expectations where Megha Aakash play the female lead, Sr Hero Arjun seen in the negative role.. let us see what the Lie is all about

08:23 AM

Lie run time is 2:24 minutes

08:25 AM

Story begins at Mumbai 1995

08:30 AM

Arjuns entry and escape in stunning disguise

08:31 AM

Ravikishan as ACP Bharadwaj

08:31 AM

Rajeev Kanakala as narayana murthy, Doordarshan employee

08:35 AM

Megha Akash Introduced  As Chaitra , Daughter of Rajeev Kanakala

08:37 AM

Nithiin enters as A Satyam, in central jail

08:39 AM

Its Time For First Song: Laggam Time..

08:43 AM

Comedians Introduction: 30 years Prudhvi as Indra Kumar, Brahmaji as Narada Sharma

08:47 AM

Bharadwaj plots to catch villain (Arjun) through interesting and weird channel

08:50 AM

Adi (sriram) to lead secret operation

08:53 AM

Satyam and Chaitra travel to las vegas in a weird situation

09:07 AM

Arjun re enters as famous magician and mimicry artist Padmanabham

09:07 AM

Satyam and chaitra start a lie game

09:08 AM

Story gets little deep with suit and painting confusion

09:10 AM

Second Song: Freedom canned between Nithiin and Megha

09:24 AM

Padmanabham obsession finds the mission through a mole

09:24 AM

Nithiin lie makes him the secret operation

09:26 AM

Twist- satyam turns target

09:26 AM

Twist again! Showman behind secret operation revealed now!!

09:29 AM

Aswaddhaama hathaha kunjaraha dialogue - mission gets deeper and intense

09:39 AM


Parallel story in Jordan

09:50 AM

Third Song: Hey Miss Sunshine Song

Exotic locations in Suvena, colorful melody.. could have been in better situation

10:00 AM

Giant twist: Disguise master Padmanabham surprises again

10:08 AM

Entertaining fight scene with VR fun of heroine

10:09 AM

Satyam gets chased

Shocking suit secret!

10:09 AM

Fourth Song: Bombhaat is on now...

Massy classy mix song, references of Pawan Kalyan lovely song from Thammudu

10:23 AM

Story takes new turns, more than a suit

10:25 AM

Arjun takes the story to a new level

10:33 AM

Excellent turn.. everything is linked. Disguise master-takes over again

10:40 AM

Satyam reaches face to face with the villain.. finishing fight

10:44 AM

Happy ending