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01 Sep, 2017, 06:21 AM IST
Paisa Vasool Tweet Review

After the stupendous success of Gautamiputra Satakarni, Balakrishna tried all the new side of him in Puri Jagannath direction for Paisa Vasool. Balayya as Theda Singh looked all powerful yet witty in trailers and let us see how this combo of Puri Jagannath and Balayya works. Puri jagannath too had a list of flops till now and needs a sure hit with Paisa Vasool. With Balayya energy, Puri Punches and lot of glamour from Shriya, Kyra Dutt and Muskaan Sethi, Paisa Vasool is hitting screens today. Here starts the live tweet review from premieres..

06:32 AM

Film starts with villain (a mafia don) grieving for his brother death and vows to take revenge on Indian officer

06:33 AM

Followed by Puri trademark style of montages on gangsters and their operations

06:35 AM

Kabir Bedi : Mujhe Ek Neech Kaminey Katharnak Chahiye to nab Bob Marley

06:42 AM

Balakrishna introduction song ..Paisa Vasool title song. Sizzling number. Balayya dances and fans go berserk in theatre

06:49 AM

He introduces himself as Theda Singh who is just released from Tihar jail

06:50 AM

Theda Singh gatecrashes advocate Pruthvi house and vacates him at gunpoint, Some interesting scenes are going on

06:53 AM

Crowd breaks into laughs. Whole theatre in splits for Balayya Mansion House dialogue

Goons to Theda Singh - Niku Bob Marley Telusa?
Theda Singh -  Naku Mansion House thappa inkemi telidu    

06:54 AM

Prudhvi gets a bunch of goons against Theda Singh. A fight episode. Balayya flexes his muscles and wipes out goons. Cops enter the scene and takes Theda Singh into custody.

06:59 AM

ACP calls Kabir Bedi and tells him that she found Neech Kaminey Katharnak to nab Bob Marley, She fixes deal with Theda Singh and asks him to take up a mission to find International Don Bob Marley.

07:04 AM

So far just regular scenes with just Balakrishna. Like every Puri film, hero is almost there in every fame.

07:06 AM

Balayya takes centre stage

References to his own previous films and popular songs such as Lux Papa...Danchave Menatta Kothura enthral Balayya fans, Puri attempts out-and-out mass entertainer

07:08 AM

Second Song Oh pilla is on

07:14 AM

Balayya imitates as his legendary father NTR

07:14 AM

Harika (Muskan Sethi) is Theda Singh neighbor. Theda Singh falls for her and is trying to woo her. Harika has a problem. Theda Singh rescues Harika and fights the gangs

07:21 AM

He warns Bob Marley gang in India. Bob Marley ki Bava Bayalderadani Cheppandi

07:23 AM

Announces war on Bob Marley and vows to kill him, Harika changes her mind on Theda Singh and she believes he can only save her from her problems

07:30 AM

Third song is on. Pada Mari

it is a romantic song with mass background. Muskin looks easy on eyes. She revs up her glam quotient.

07:32 AM

Both cops and rowdies get to know the real identity of Theda Singh. Theda Singh has a background

07:33 AM

Local gangs step in to kill Theda Singh and abducts Harika for him. Theda Singh gives a deadly warning before starting a Serious fight

07:36 AM

Harika gives Big Twist to Theda Singh

07:37 AM

Theda Singh says, Na Gundello Kalchadaniki Iddarike Chotu...Fans and family. Others not allowed.

07:41 AM


07:44 AM

Film shifts to Portugal, Shriya Saran enters

Funny scenes between Shriya and Balayya are on

07:48 AM

Theda Singh is seen as a cab driver in Portugal. Shriya looks great on screen. She brings some freshness into the film

07:51 AM

Comedian Ali makes his entry

07:51 AM

Portugal police are chasing Theda Singh and his car. Sarika (Shriya Saran) starts hating Theda Singh

07:56 AM

Bob Marley gang kills family of an Encounter specialist. Shriya Saran has got a background too.

07:57 AM

Shriya takes important video of Bob Marley and escapes to Theda Singh and Ali. Some fun banter between Balayya, Ali and Shriya

07:58 AM

Time for Ek Peg La song

Balayya, Ali and Shriya groove to this foot-tapping number. Fans cheering for Ek Peg La song in theatre. Shriya looks gorgeous

08:04 AM

Puri made a formula film, Combination of comedy, action and romance

08:05 AM

Bob Marley brother falls for Shriya and wants her. Bob gang finds her suspicious and kidnaps her.

08:06 AM

Very good background score

Balakrishna enters and fights with Bob Marley gang

08:09 AM

This leads to song. Kannu Kannu Kalisayi..

08:18 AM

Major twist is out.

Theda Singh original identity is revealed.

Bala aka Theda Singh gets Bob Marley at his gunpoint, but is forced to leave him alive. Shriya comes to his rescue when Bob attacks again, Angry Bala changes his identity as Theda Singh.

08:24 AM

Flash back is over. Cut to present. Bala mission is still incomplete.

08:29 AM

Balayya completes his mission, He eliminates Bob Marley and minister to wrap up film on positive note

08:37 AM

There ends the tweet review.. stay glued for full review

06:02 AM

Jai Lava Kusa Censor U/A. Run Time Hrs 2:23