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27 Sep, 2017, 00:35 AM IST
SPYder Movie Tweet Review

Mahesh admits signing brahmotsavam as a terrible mistake and now is he is super confident on his very next film with murugadoss, spyder. A thriller in best combination.

Mahesh along his team, rakul, bad guy suryah, bharat and priyadarshi is coming to theaters today. Here is the tweet review live from US premier show, lets see how spyder actually is.

00:53 AM

SPYder Censor U/A, Runtime: 2Hrs:25 Mins

00:55 AM

Movie starts at hyderabad bus stand

00:58 AM

Mahesh Babu Introduction

Mahesh voice introduces himself as Shiva, working at Intelligence Bureau

01:00 AM

Mahesh Starts With a Fight

Mahesh enters beating up goons, as smart as ever

01:00 AM

First Song: Bhoom Bhoom

01:06 AM

Mahesh listens to public calls and reacts if he hears words help, danger..

01:07 AM

Pelli Choopulu fame Comedian Priyadarshi entry

Priyadarshi as shiva friend, in a rather serious role.

01:08 AM

Rakul Preet Singh Entry

Rakul enters as a nerdish girl

01:11 AM

Second Song: Achcham Telugandham Song

When Mahesh Sees Rakul for the first time...

01:13 AM

Back To Back Songs! Here Comes The Twist

Story takes drastic turn, everything turns serious with one incident

01:14 AM

Is This OK?

Tamil flavor dominates with all Kollywood actors

01:21 AM

Movie Going on Serious Note

Mahesh begins a mission, tracks down a case to one single person

01:22 AM

Bharath appears in a rugged look

01:24 AM

Third Song: Ciciliya Ciciliya song

Song is colorful. Mahesh and rakul look great
No weird steps(like in Brahmotsavam) this time

01:33 AM

Bharath role gaining importance

Bharath as krishnamoorthy aka bhairavudu, Twist linking to his identity. His background shown too gruesome

01:47 AM

Mahesh follows leads to catch bhairavudu

01:47 AM

Roller coaster stunt looks too unnatural and unconvincing

01:50 AM

New twist in bhairavas identity

Sj suryah enters as bhairavudu.

Gruesome and spine chillings murders by bhairavudu revealed

01:55 AM

Mahesh decision irks suryah

01:58 AM

---- Intermission ----

02:04 AM

Rakul character looks too dummy

She is back and gone in a blink

02:08 AM

Attack and counter attack scenes between Hero and Villain

02:17 AM

Fourth Song: Haali Haali

Song in huge glittery set

02:28 AM

Songs cutting the flow of the movie, totally out of situation

02:37 AM

TV Serial Episode to track Villain, See Mahesh as Tv Anchor

02:43 AM

Jajjanaka song in background, ladies into action

02:43 AM

Mahesh finally comes face to face with bhairavudu

The most awaiting episode of the movie

03:11 AM

Climax fight

Mahesh and bhairavudu finally into fist fight

03:11 AM

End of bhairava, social message begins

03:11 AM

----- The End -----