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12 Jan, 2018, 08:45 AM IST
Jai Simha Tweet Review

Balakrishna scored blockbusters in Sankranthi release many a time earlier and once again, his Jai Simha is hitting screens today, without much expectations.

Veteran director KS Ravi Kumar directed Jai Simha whose last big film was Rajinikanth Lingaa. The trailers remind Balayya yesteryear blockbusters with three heroines, powerful flashback episodes, Powerpacked action scenes and ofcourse mass punch dialogues.

Let us see if Balayya scores a blockbuster yet again. Here is the tweet review..

08:55 AM

Jai Simha movie run time is 165 minutes

08:59 AM

Balayya intro, in a rugged look.. with the baby!

09:03 AM

Anaganaga anaganaga song

09:08 AM

Story Moves To Kumbhakonam. Balakrishna as Narasimha, named his son Balakrishna

09:17 AM

After a long time, brahmanandam appears, few dialogues about his market.

Pale and routine comedy

09:18 AM

Kalakeya Prabhakar as Maniyappan, local don in Kumbhakonam

09:22 AM

Shailaja priya as brahmanandam wife.. KS Ravi Kumar formula comedy going on

09:24 AM

Natasha doshi alias Dhanya as a drug addict in skimpy attire.

09:24 AM

Ammakutti ammakutti song in foreign locations

Balayya repeats Ppaisa Vasoool famous dance moves

09:35 AM

Prolonged conversation/argument between Narasimha and ASP..

09:37 AM

Story did not catch the main track yet, Narasimha character elevation is still on with lengthy dialo

09:38 AM

Twist! Nayanthara face off with Narasimha... shocks Narasimha with her husband and her kid!

09:39 AM

Dialogue - Mounamga badhalni bharista, murkhamga pranalni teesesta -

09:45 AM

Ausutosh Rana as Thota Ramireddy, death row prisoner. Ramireddy hints of a flashback

09:57 AM

Nayanthara as gauri, daughter of prakash raj

09:58 AM

Common enemies manipulations to target Narasimha. Narasimha beats the first goon, who flies in the air to hit a large electric pole.. deja vu!

09:59 AM

Dialogue - Nee level kathi pidantha, Naa power kathi padhunantha

10:01 AM

---- Intermission ----

10:20 AM

Narasimha-brahmanandam- brahmi wife triangular comedy could not bring any laughs yet again..

10:21 AM

Narasimha flashback, story shifts to vizag

10:22 AM

Rap song background for narasimha first road fight

10:22 AM

Priyam jagam song, shot in Dubai and other beautiful locales.. Nayan avoids dance completely

10:26 AM

Plot thickens when Narasimha irks Ramireddy and his son, vengeance planned

10:28 AM

Haripriya as Manga, Assistant mechanic in Narasimha shed

10:31 AM

Hero elevation scenes yet again, story going on at snail pace

10:36 AM

Hero elevation scenes yet again, story going on at snail pace

10:36 AM

Massacre at a wedding, balayya turns uncontrollable

Loud bgm, flying goons, swirling swords

10:38 AM

Ks ravikumar appears ina guest role..

10:43 AM

Evevo evevo song with hari priya

10:46 AM

Predictable turns leading towards facts revelation about narasimha sons

10:46 AM

Lengthy action episode in a shipyard in climax..

10:47 AM

Emotional ending with a tamil twist

10:47 AM

-- The End --