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11 Jan, 2019, 07:22 AM IST
VVR - Vinaya Vidheya Rama Tweet Review

After proving that he transformed into a next level actor with Rangasthalam, Ram Charan joined his hands with action-specialist Boyapati Srinu for Vinaya Vidheya Rama. Though the songs were not as expected, being DSP the music director, the trailer and teaser succeeded in pulling the craze for the film.

Boyapati and Charan call it a complete family entertainer, but the Rambo body and high octane visuals of Azarbaizan seem to be a treat for action lovers. Kiara Advani is playing the female lead while Tamil actor Prashanth and Aryan Rajesh are appearing in special roles.

The movie is set for release on January 11 worldwide and here is a Tweet review from one of the premiere shows in the US.

07:00 AM

Runtime - 2 Hrs 26 Mins

07:00 AM

Story begins with rag picking kids at railway station finding a baby around the tracks

07:00 AM

First Song: Amma Nanna ...

Amma Nanna song on four orphan boys and a baby

07:42 AM

Power packed entry by Ram Charan

Ram charan enters in a powerful action scene at azarbaizan, swirling sword against vivek oberoi

07:46 AM

Back To Flashback

Family scenes between ramcharan and his brothers and vadinas, Sneha introduced as charan's vadina.

07:48 AM

Ek Baar song with Esha Gupta

- Not a catchy one, steps are just okay

07:53 AM

Prashanth as Rama's brother, strict Chief Election Officer

07:55 AM

Aryan rajesh as one of the brothers, a role without much importance

07:56 AM

Prasanth's rivalry with Pandem Parasuram and ballem balaram in vizag begins due to election conflict.

07:58 AM

Violent fight: Ram takes over goons in factory fight

07:59 AM

Powerful Dialogue: Pandem parasuram aithe enti? RAM KO NI DE LA

08:02 AM

Charan appears like chiru during the warning dialogue before breaking a giant sword

08:02 AM

Kiara as hema's daughter..

Boring dialogues and scenes of hema. If that was intended to be a comedy scene, it failed to bring any laughs

08:08 AM

Tandaane tandaane song

08:09 AM

Story goes on a slow pace without any twists

08:10 AM

Tassadiyya song

Shot in colorful sets, good to watch, kiara is looking good

08:12 AM

Raja bhai enters the scene, Vivek Oberoi with a scar on face

08:13 AM

Super powerful fight with chained knives.. boyapati style stunts

08:13 AM

Another twist when Bihar CM salutes rama after stopping this huge fight

08:14 AM

- Interval -

08:24 AM

Vivek oberoi looks powerful and dynamic

08:26 AM

Rama loves seeta song

Colorful to watch, Charan's graceful steps are good to watch

08:40 AM

Flash back story begins with raju bhai munna (vivek oberoi) running parallel govt, like  a dictator

08:42 AM

Rama comes to face raja bhai to save brothers

Prolonged scene when raja bhai confronts prashant (election officer, elder brother of rama)

08:43 AM

Charan chained, shirtless fight scene between mountains

08:43 AM

High sentiment scenes going on after ram reveals a sad truth to sneha

08:44 AM

Prolonged dialogues of sneha warning raja bhai..

08:44 AM

Raja bhai and ram lock horns in the climax fight

08:45 AM

-- The Happy End --