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28 Jun, 2019, 06:19 AM IST
Brochevarevarura Tweet Review

Premiere Show Report

Brochevarevarura is an unconventional crime comedy revolving around interesting characters in gripping screenplay with fun-filled timely twists, dialogues and BGM makes it a must- watch.

The plot lies within Chalaname Chitram - Chitrame Chalanam, the apt tagline.

Let us see the tweet review from a premiere show in the USA. Full review also will be updated very soon, so stay glued.

06:00 AM

Movie takes off with a kidnap

06:27 AM

A struggling debut director, satya, convinces a producer with a script and yet needs a female lead shalini to get the movie on track..

06:29 AM

Actor Satya as a struggling director vishal and Nivetha pethuraj as popular actress Shalini

06:30 AM

The aspiring director vishal starts narration to shalini and the story begins with Nivetha Thomas

06:34 AM

Director Vivek Aterya showing his mark in characters introduction

06:35 AM

The aspiring director vishal starts narration to shalini and the story begins with Nivetha Thomas

06:36 AM

Brochevarevarura Tag line - Chalaname Chitramu Chitrame Chalanamu

06:40 AM

Nivetha Thomas introduced as college Principal RK's daughter Mitra

06:41 AM

The wastrel batch Sree Vishnu, Priyadardhe and Rahul get struck in intermediate for many years

06:42 AM

R3 Batch

Sree vishnu as Rahul
Priyadarshe as rakesh aka rocky
Rahul ramakrishna as rambabu aka rambo

06:44 AM

Movie going with full of comedy in college episodes

06:45 AM

Mitra, a classical dancer becomes friend with R3 batch

06:49 AM

The class room episode of Teacher Jhansi announcing the marks R3 batch is a decent fun

06:54 AM

Paralelly, director Vishal (Satya) and heroine Shalini (Nivetha Peturaj) track is shown with good visuals

06:57 AM

Music director Vivek Sagar gives good BGM

06:59 AM

R3 batch decides to rescue Mitra from her suffering in family

07:00 AM

Few hilarious punch dialogues between R3 batch

07:00 AM

Seriously, Big Applause to the comedy timing of Darshan and Rahul Ramakrishna

07:15 AM

The batch decides to put the shocking plan into action... back to back laughs guaranteed

07:16 AM

The Kidnap, ransom and the extraction are hilarious, throughout

07:16 AM

Harshavardhan as police officer, does his best, like always

07:16 AM

Twist in the tale!!

In the story and in the narration too!

07:16 AM

With engaging and full of funny scenes first half comes to end with shocking twist

07:19 AM

Much apt Tag line - Chalaname Chitramu Chitrame Chalanamu

07:19 AM

Intriguing turns bring the reel and real together

07:28 AM

Story turns intense with some serious moments

07:33 AM

Harshavardhan's sidetracking the case is a fun to watch

07:44 AM

Harshavardhan talks something sensible..Suspense prevails due to deadlock in tale

07:51 AM

Same detail strikes Sree vishnu and satya at the same time

07:52 AM

Bithiri satti appears yet again, after the interval bang

07:58 AM

Story running at a fast pace with unexpected twists

08:01 AM

Chase takes the front seat with gripping bgm

08:12 AM

A happy ending