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04 Jul, 2019, 23:11 PM IST
Oh! Baby Tweet Review

There is a lot of positive vibe around Oh Baby! ever since its trailer surfaced on YouTube. It is a remake of Korean comedy titled Miss Granny and Samantha essayed the most challenging role of her career so far. Now let walk through the tweet review..

01:09 AM

Oh! Baby Final Report:

Samantha’s show all the way and Rajendra Prasad and Naga shaurya gave the best support.. lakshmi is good as usual. It is a fun and emotional ride throughout. Nandini reddy is back. Wah! Baby

01:08 AM

Wah!! Baby!!


01:07 AM

Chay!! He comes for baby as chanti now!!

00:58 AM

Rao ramesh takes us on a emotional ride..

Conversation between baby and rao ramesh

00:56 AM

Baby takes a -life changing- decision. Watch on screens why baby took this decision

00:51 AM

Anaganaga song in background, baby recalls all that she misses

00:45 AM

Emotional scenes in a hospital

00:43 AM

Director Nandini Reddy in a blink and miss role

00:34 AM

Rajendra prasad reveals everything to rao ramesh.. which ends up to nothing

00:26 AM

Back to Back funny scenes

Baby gets drunk at Naga Shourya's place

00:25 AM

Samantha is a True Performer, She adopts minute mannerisms too

00:19 AM

Some good lines written for Rao Ramesh, about parents

Touching words.. everyone can relate to

00:18 AM

Naalo maimarapu song, Again a melodious number

00:17 AM

Good scenes between Naga Shourya and Baby

00:08 AM

Aakasam lona song, melodious.. Nnutana Mohan sang it very well

Aakasam lona song, melodious.. Nnutana Mohan sang it very well

00:06 AM

A surprise appearance by Adivi sesh in flashback glimpses during stage performance song

23:58 PM

Oh! Baby First Half Report:

Samantha excelled in a challenging role, parakaya pravesam is apt word, everyone else did their best... Rajendra Prasad and Sunayana entertain us well, Naga Shaurya appears here and there but not anything interesting.. so far so good

23:53 PM

Rajendra prasad gets a meaty role, a cake walk for him

23:52 PM

Interval scene

Rajendra Prasad (chanti) finds something suspicious

23:52 PM

Sunayana brings laughs everytime she appears

23:20 PM

Baby visits her own home and room, few more funny scenes here

23:16 PM

Funny scenes between Teja (Baby akka's Grandson) and baby (Young Samantha)

23:10 PM

Samantha performs well in oldlady-turned-young-girl role

23:06 PM

Changubhala song is catchy with simple lyrics

Changubhala song is catchy with simple lyrics

23:00 PM

Looks like director Nandini Reddy driving Oh! Baby in right direction

22:55 PM

Funny conversation between Baby and Sunayana

22:51 PM

Samanatha did the right thing by not giving her own voice, Chinmayi did decent job

22:47 PM

Oh baby song, colorful and good to watch

Oh baby song, colorful and good to watch

22:45 PM

Jagapathi Babu in an interesting role as a fortune teller

22:45 PM

Baby changes her name as Swathi

22:45 PM

Here comes the biggest twist of Oh! Baby

Baby! Lakshmi transforms into samantha, Watch on screens to know How she transforms and what led to it

22:40 PM

Rajendra prasad (Chanti) is friend to Lakshmi (Baby Akka), both the senior actors excelled in their roles

22:38 PM

Lakshmi excels in emotional scenes

22:34 PM

Characters Introduction in very first scene

After long gap Sr Actress Lakshmi appeared on screen. Lakshmi seen as Baby akka

Rao ramesh as Professor

Sunayana as Anasuya

Rajendra prasad as Chanti

Teja enters as music band lead

Naga shaurya appears in selection panel

22:30 PM

Run Time: 2 Hrs 40 Mins - Censor: U